Connected Television Advertising – 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider CTV

by | Feb 14, 2021



A captive audience, an engaging screen. Advertising on Connected Television (CTV) is like being invited into your customer’s living room. It’s a prime seat, and one not to be missed.

The percentage of the population tuning into CTV is growing. EMarketer projects that by 2022, that portion will be just over 60%, at 204 million connected TV users.   A staggering 27% of consumers plan to ditch their cable subscriptions in 2021 compared to 15% in 2020.

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With Agriculture being the core focus at Precision Reach, we are seeing a significant increase in CTV farmer audiences as well as CTV advertising campaigns.  In 2020, we delivered over 11 million ad impressions to demo-qualified crop growers and livestock producers into their smart TVs and streaming devices within their households.  These CTV campaigns averaged 98% video completion rates and when coupled with Display banner campaign the click rate for banners ads jumped nearly 3-fold.

10 reasons for you to consider CTV in your marketing mix

  1. Precise targeting of valuable audiences using first party data
  2. Full screen ads
  3. No skipping with 95% plus completion rates
  4. CTV is in prime position with the demise of 3rd party cookies
  5. Measurable results by device, network, day of week, and more
  6. Accessible and affordable to advertisers of all sizes
  7. Less waste compared to traditional (linear) television
  8. Ideal for integration with Display, Social and Search campaigns
  9. Premium inventory partners including major networks around the world
  10. Precise frequency as you control how often your ads are shown to the target audience

Television is unmatched when it comes to delivering top-of-the-funnel branding. Closed loop digital measurement and optimization against business outcomes are table stakes for performance marketers. CTV delivers both.

With the continued growth in streaming apps, mobile devices, and smart TVs, the momentum behind Connected TV isn’t slowing down any time soon.

To get more details on Connected TV in the Ag markets, drop us a line at or call Bob Schenck at 847-778-1886