Precise Social

An audience-driven approach to social media advertising. Rather than starting with a social media platform and trying to find your audience, we start with your audience and help you find them on the right social platform.

Social Media Portfolio

Leverage our audience insights and recommendations to reach your target audience on the following social media platforms.







Webinar: Farmer Audiences on Social Media

Watch us discuss our social media audience data findings and how to use social media advertising more effectively.


Where are farmers on Social Media?

Farmer social media usage and behaviors on social media platforms drive our paid social offering. Knowing where agriculture audiences are on social media gives you the power to deliver your messages in the right place. Leverage our research findings and expert recommendations and insight to serve on social media platforms that will reach your audience.

Audience Data Match Rates

Our ag audience data match rates on social media platforms are incomparable to what’s been available for ag audience targeting in the marketplace. Using best-in-class data management and strategic onboarding practices, we’re able to connect marketers to robust ag audiences across various social media platforms.


Behavioral Insights

Go beyond the match numbers. Know where your unique target audiences are spending their time on social media. Leverage our expert recommendations and insights to serve on the right social platform to better reach your audience.

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