Our Services

By focusing on a client’s individual needs instead of offering a plug and play, one size fits all paradigm, Precision Reach™ is able to adapt its offerings to meet client agricultural marketing demands. We optimize for the audience first using our proprietary algorithm. No one else but Precision Reach™ has the ability to influence 95% of the farmers in the U.S. and segment them by size and commodity.

Service Suite

Agriculture Audience Segmentation

Agriculture Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is a key activity within an audience analysis . Segmentation recognizes that different groups will respond differently to messaging and marketing. Precision Reach™ aligns its agribusiness marketing clients specific programmatic needs with customized objectives and delivery modes.

Campaign Execution

Campaign Execution

We don’t utilize look alike models nor do we incorporate blended rate impressions. There is no sense in inflating data sets with overlapping information. Our in-house digital marketing team closely monitors and adjusts your campaign on the fly while our proprietary inventory ensures your brand’s safety.

Digital Tactics

Ag Marketing Digital Tactics

Offering varying innovative digital channels to position your messaging in the right place to reach the right farmer is our sweet spot. Our KPI averages speak for themselves.



Precision Reach™ proactively provides all metrics for agrimarketing campaigns including viewability and comprehensive analytic reports down to the tactic level for our clients at any time during a campaign, not just at the end. There is simply no reason not to.


Our Process

Our proprietary agric marketing process delivers a more precise reach and personalization of messaging and media to the most optimal audience, resulting in more efficiently targeted campaigns.

What is Data Driven Programmatic Marketing?

Programmatic advertising is the process of purchasing digital ad space (display banners, pre-roll video, native, connected TV) in real-time, with the assistance of dedicated software and algorithms that automate the process. With data driven programmatic buying, exclusive segmented audience data is integrated into the programmatic process to efficiently and effectively serve ads to a highly targeted audience across a variety of mediums.