Targeted programmatic advertising that drives results

Agri-Business & Marketing is in our DNA. Precision Reach™ provides guidance and strategic
direction to help our clients get the maximum return on their marketing dollars by applying our
hyper-focused niche expertise to our nuanced and custom targeted campaigns.

Our Story

Our founders have a deep understanding of traditional media in the agriculture industry. They knew that the brands and agencies they were currently serving would be in need of reaching farmer audiences digitally, beyond endemic Ag websites. Shortly after Precision Reach’s launch it became obvious that shortcomings in 3rd party data and look-alike modeling had been generating lots of ad waste when trying to reach tightly focused farmer audiences. As a result of those findings, Precision Reach was acquired by Farm Journal to hone in on optimal farmer audiences to generate high ROI campaigns.

Our Mission

In a digital arena where success is measured by impressions and clicks, Precision Reach™ doesn’t see you as just another number. We see beyond the numbers and we make your business our business. By focusing on a client’s individual needs instead of offering a plug and play, one size fits all paradigm, Precision Reach™ is able to adapt its offerings to meet client demands. If it’s not available currently, we find a way to make it happen.

About Precision Reach

About Our Team

Precision Reach™ is committed 110%. We are experts in agriculture, marketing, digital media planning, buying and execution. Our insatiable curiosity around data driven programmatic advertising and our approach to cultivating lasting partnerships with clients is built around working exceptionally well together from the beginning to the end of a campaign (and then hopefully again and again).

Get to Know Us

Bob Schenck - Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Bob Schenck


With 25 plus years in the Ag media space, Bob oversees Precision Reach’s digital sales and marketing strategy. His diverse media background includes magazines, television, radio, custom publishing, database marketing and digital network ad sales. Early in 2016, Bob helped launch our founding company, Big Reach Network LLC, to bring data-driven programmatic advertising to brands and agencies serving agriculture and rural markets in the U.S. and Canada.

Michael Jung - Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Michael Jung

Senior VP of Precision Marketing

Michael is passionate about solving business challenges with digital solutions. His curiosity about digital marketing and facilitation to deliver ever more efficient marketing campaigns is reflected in the growth of Precision Reach’s product portfolio. He has experience leading SaaS product teams across three key areas in production agriculture – producers, ag retailers, and ag media. Michael thoroughly understands the importance of marketing best practices to drive successful agribusiness outcomes not just great campaign metrics.

Bret Kealy - Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Calli Spengler

Programmatic Account Manager

Calli graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Agriculture Communications. She has been in the sales field for 4 and half years and is excited to start with the Precision Reach team.  Calli’s strong background in the Ag field stems from her family farm operation in central Wisconsin (Country Lane Farm and TC Reds) where her family own and operates over 150 purebred Angus and Red Angus cattle where she is still highly involved with the family business.  Currently, Calli and her husband (Kale) live in Iowa growing their own cattle operation at the Spengler Cattle Co.  Calli is eager to expand her knowledge and customer-focused skills in her new role as Digital Sales Executive for Precision Reach.

Jason Petraszewski - Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Jason Pietraszewski

Digital Sales Executive

Jason is a marketing and digital services veteran with more than 25 years experience in media. He heads up regional sales in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Having previously served as a Major/National Account Representative for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jason is experienced using data driven targeting, implementing multi-layer media campaigns and developing strategic partnerships with large retailers and advertising agencies. Jason also served 10 years as the Regional/National Advertising Director for Adams Publishing Group where he developed key accounts and helped lead digital media sales. Jason got his start as a grass roots local media rep for his rural community newspaper in central Minnesota.

Suzie Johnson - Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Suzie Johnson

Director of Programmatic Operations

Suzie leads the Precision Reach Operations team as an original in-house ops team member starting in 2019.  As a St. Olaf College alumna with numerous study abroad experiences, Suzie brings a unique network and lens to Precision Reach having studied and traveled around world. She’s seasoned in programmatic execution and optimizing campaigns to reach client objectives. Passionate about team building and ensuring the success of client campaigns, Suzie is growing the Operations team to keep up with the demand for digital programmatic campaigns and drive results for our clients. 

Amanda Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Amanda Olson

Senior Digital Advertising Specialist

Amanda graduated from the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University in the Spring of 2020 with a major in Global Business Leadership and a minor in Psychology. Studying abroad in Perth, Australia for a semester, she immersed herself in a new culture while having fun exploring and gaining insight to apply to her global business degree. Her experiences include doing B2B marketing and sales in the rubber and textile industry. Amanda has been with the Precision Reach team as a Digital Advertising Operations Specialist for 2 years. She has mastered the variety of advertising tools that Precision Reach utilizes and works with clients to ensure their goals are met. Amanda has been inspired by the creative ads she executes daily and has taken a deeper dive into the world of creative during her spare time. She has discovered a passion towards the combination of data and creativity.

Jason Petraszewski - Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Renae Larson

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Renae’s curiosity of the world of Food and Agriculture Marketing drives her to keep a pulse on the ever-changing industry. As an Agricultural Communications and Marketing graduate from the University of Minnesota in 2018, Renae aspires to be a great marketer and make an impact in the food and agriculture industry. Her previous experiences focused on farmer relations and marketing efforts within the Grain’s division of a food processing company.  As a member of the Precision Reach team, Renae hopes to connect agri-marketers to the power of digital marketing to help make more meaningful connections along the agriculture supply chain.

Jason Petraszewski - Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Soren Saunders

Digital Advertising Operations Specialist

Soren is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and made the move to Minnesota to attend St. Olaf College. She graduated in the Spring of 2021 with majors in Studio Art and Biology. At St. Olaf, Soren was able to study abroad three times, one month in Italy to study art history, one month in Australia and New Zealand to study art and cultural literature, and for a semester in Ireland, where most of her studies revolved around research in biology. Soren is excited to have joined the Precision Reach team as a Digital Advertising Operations Associate and looks forward to learning more about ag-centered advertising.

Jason Petraszewski - Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Annika Weinberg

Digital Advertising Operations Specialist

Annika has always been curious about the evolution of media in a variety of industries, and she is excited to dive into Agriculture Marketing. Annika graduated from Northwestern University in the Spring of 2021 with a major in Communication Studies, minors in Legal Studies and Film & Media Studies, and a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. In Fall 2019, she studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she studied topics ranging from sustainable urban planning to psychology of leadership. In Summer 2020, she worked with local businesses in Chicago to support their marketing strategies during the peak of the pandemic. Annika is thrilled to be working as a Digital Ad Operations Associate with Precision Reach, and she looks forward to executing clients’ goals with the powerful tools of data-driven programmatic.

Nipun Sudhir

Digital Advertising Operations Specialist

Having started his schooling in the field of Biotechnology, Nipun made the shift to Business Administration before eventually graduating from Bellevue College in Digital Marketing. Over the course of his time in school, he was able to complete an internship in both the biotech field and at a digital marketing agency. While working and going to school for Digital Marketing, Nipun grew a passion for the everchanging industry and the implications of the constantly changing digital landscape. Having joined Precision Reach, Nipun is excited to learn and implement his programmatic knowledge in the current, ever-changing digital landscape of the agriculture industry as well as our lives.  


Jason Petraszewski - Bio Photo (Precision Reach)

Danielle Muepo

Digital Advertising Operations Specialist

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Danielle relocated to Georgia in 2017. While working full time, she earned her bachelors in business administration with Southern New Hampshire University. She joined Precision Reach as a Digital Advertising Operations Specialist in 2022. She is excited to bring her passion for engagement and customer experience to the team.