What is Programmatic Native Advertising?

by | Feb 21, 2021

Native advertising is paid advertising where the ad matches the form, feel and function of the content of the media on which it appears  
(Source: Native Advertising Institute)



Native ads allow your brand to fit into – and not disrupt – the audience experience. Thoughtful ads and messaging blend seamlessly with content the user is already engaged with, allowing them to become more informed about your product/brand, before ever visiting your website.

Unlike a traditional banner ad, these are not meant to stand out too much and are made to blend with their surroundings. This is to make the user’s experience more seamless, while still getting the message across


What is Programmatic Native Advertising?

Programmatic native advertising is an automated ad buying technique designed to incorporate the marketers’ messages and assets in a publisher’s feed.

Programmatic buying allows advertisers to make native ads even more relevant. Delivering native ads programmatically means you get many of the benefits of programmatic display: automated media buying, precise targeting and audience insights for further optimization

By leveraging machine learning and contextual signals, programmatic native ads can be tailored to both the user and the placement at scale, resulting in better performance for advertisers.

Two types of Programmatic Native advertising:

1. Native Display – this is the traditional form of Native advertising with an Image, Headline and Body Text. Often it is experienced in-feed or as Recommended Content.
2. Native Video – is typically placed in-feed between paragraphs or sections of an article or webpage. In-feed video may be accompanied by a headline and body text.


Why Are Native Ads More Effective Than Banner Ads?

  • The presence of Native ads does not interfere
  • Format flexibility
  • Relay more information about your brand
  • Relevance makes advertising more effective
  • The language used adjusts the placement
  • Able to create brand credibility and advocacy
  • Power of programmatic ad delivery is most compatible with native ad format



3 best practices for building out a successful programmatic native advertising campaign:

  1. Provide multiple assets, such as images or headlines, for the same element to enable greater variability. This will ensure there are options to show for all different inventory styles and formats.   Allow the programmatic platform to optimize towards the higher performing headlines.
  2. Combine native ads with contextual targeting to show ads that are relevant to the page’s content. For example, an ad for a farm tractor could appear on a website or app about repairing farm equipment.
  3. Measure native ad performance alongside other ads to optimize programmatic campaigns holistically. It’s especially important to manage reach and frequency across campaigns to ensure that native fits seamlessly into your broader strategy.


In 2020, the Precision Reach team delivered over 20 million ad impressions for Native Display and Native Video campaigns targeting row crop, specialty crop and livestock producers within select acreage/herd sizes and geographies across the country, a 3-fold increase from 2019.

To get more details and our Programmatic Native Best Practices in the Ag markets, drop us a line at Sales@PrecisionReach.com or call Bob Schenck at 847-778-1886.