Doomsday Projected for the Third-Party Cookie: Our Action Plan for Agriculture

by | Dec 13, 2020

Third Party Cookies.  For years, publishers and brands have been using them to track website visitors, improve the user experience, and collect data to help target ads to the right audiences. Cookies are helpful for you as a marketer because it gives you the context you need to analyze what content resonates with your audience.


The way we use cookies is expected to change dramatically with Google’s announcement that it will phase out the third-party cookie on Chrome browsers by 2022.

The digital industry has been anticipating the cookie demise with the major MarTech companies working on new “identifier” or “universal ID” solutions.   This includes Google’s Privacy Sandbox and LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution already in testing.


First Party Offline Data Will Be a Goldmine


Publisher and advertiser’s first-party (CRM) data will take center stage.  Sites are highly dependent on the first-party cookie, and as the industry transitions to using first-party cookies to target advertising, consent becomes a more controllable asset. This is a new opportunity for consent platforms to provide the gateway to ensure that the needs of consumers and the ad ecosystem are met.

At Precision Reach, our core focus is delivering digital media campaigns within row crop, specialty crop and livestock markets across the U.S. utilizing the robust database of Farm Market ID.   Here’s our action steps for delivering FMID-powered farmer ad campaigns without 3P Cookies:

  • Since September 2020, we began serving and testing FMID driven programmatic campaigns using LiveRamp’s ATS platform solution
  • Four display banner campaigns in December 2020 are running A/B testing with and without the cookie, sponsored by LiveRamp.
  • A key strength of this solution is it can be leveraged across multiple DSPs for display and video programmatic campaigns.
  • We intend to beta test solutions within our Google DV360, StackAdapt and Trade Desk ad buying platforms in the coming months.
  • Our goal in executing these beta tests to understand the pros and cons of each of these solutions as it relates to our niche data driven agriculture audiences.
  • Insights learned in these beta test today will allow us to share these expectations with our agency and brand clients before the cookie is gone.

These questions remain:

  • Will they fully replace existing 3rd party cookie functionality?
  • Will they be compatible with one another?
  • What will be the Pros and Cons for each?
  • Who will perform best?

Precision Reach leadership believes multiple viable solutions will emerge, including those not considered a walled-garden like Facebook, Google or Amazon.

Ultimately, we will use the identity solution(s) that provides the highest quality at the best value for our clients.

Stay tuned for more cookie-less updates forthcoming.

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