Another 5 Tips for a Successful Programmatic Campaign in 2020 (Part 2 of 2)

by | Nov 15, 2020


Today’s digital world requires both forward thinking, finger on the pulse thought leadership as well as grounded lessons learned from the past.

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 6. Creative matters (part 3) – Use a variety of creative sizes and lengths – In a precise audience data driven programmatic campaign, having multiple sizes to reach individuals in a variety of places is key. Providing videos in multiple lengths or banner images in multiple sizes, allows the campaign to have greater audience reach and ultimately achieve higher overall KPI’s. Creative dimensions will impact KPIs such as viewability, CTR, and video completion rates. So, providing creative with more dimensions rather than less, allows for the highest level of optimization to reach your campaign KPI goals.

  7. Run the campaign on brand safe and premium inventory – Most DSPs provide a base level of brand safety. Proprietary, curated blacklists and whitelists add an additional layer of safety and ensure your message is shown on premium placements.  For example, in many situations, it is beneficial to avoid having your ad served on games that generate lots of unintended clicks and no real business outcome.

  8. Define your KPI’s – Make sure the team you work with is aware of your campaign objective and KPI goals. For most campaigns, clients often want top line numbers across a number of KPIs, such as highest CTR and highest viewability.  Be mindful that the platform is performing a balancing act or “tug of war” when trying to achieve more than one KPI goal.  Knowing a trade-off will occur when optimizing for more than one KPI, you may want to consider defining a single primary KPI.

  9. Full Transparency: Measure and Optimize – Knowing key performance indicators such as viewability, click through rate, and video/audio completion rate are a must have when managing programmatic campaigns.  Measurement is most important at the start of the campaign.  This is when optimizations still have runway to make a material difference.

 10. Partner not Vendor – Your programmatic partnership should feel just that way, as though we are an extension of your team. Our goal is for you to achieve your campaign’s goals and desired business outcomes. Regular updates, suggestions, and modifications are a key factor of each campaign. We are devoted to offering recommendations and being a sounding board so your campaign can perform at its highest level.

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