Want to Reach the Next Gen Farmer? Try Digital Audio Ads.

by | Sep 28, 2020

Digital audio is booming in the United States as consumers stream radio, music and podcasts on their smart phones, desktops, tablets, and voice-activated speakers. Ad revenues are projected to exceed $2.3 billion this year as livestream audio marketing enables brands to generate new sales.

Okay, but what about farmers?

Believe we all agree farmers and ranchers have a lot of “windshield time” in the cabs of their tractors, combines and pickup trucks, especially their long hours during the months of Planting and Harvesting. They have long been loyal ag radio listeners. The 2020 Media Channel Study, by the Ag Media Council, reports 85% of producers use smartphones.

Adds up to an ideal audience for streaming platforms.

During this pandemic especially, two hot topic questions agri-marketers often ask us at Precision Reach:

  1. How large is the farm audience listening to Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.?
  2. Will a digital audio campaign scale by targeting a select farmer demographic like we do with display, video, and native ads?

Our conservative estimate is 25% of farm households have some type of livestream access, and yes, the audio campaigns will scale.

While we had some struggles in 2019 to fulfill ad impressions ordered for digital audio ag campaigns, we are seeing much improved inventory and scale this year. Plus, by setting up “Private Marketplace Deal” (PMD) with major audio networks like Pandora providing guaranteed impression delivery, along with programmatic buying on the open ad exchanges, we are very confident in :15 and :30 ad spot delivery during this Fall’s crop harvest.

Pandora matches 1.066 million subscribers to Farm Market ID’s database

Through our Precision Reach data management platform, Pandora onboarded the full FMID ag database with 5.1 million total records of owner/operators, operators only, farmland owners and other related growers. Pandora matched 1,066,000 of their subscriber records to the FMID file at the household level.

Pandora stats Pandora on-farm stats based on FMID data match: (June 2020)

Source: Pandora Internal Metrics, Audience Explorer, June 2020. Farm Market iD data match


For more information on the ag data-driven audio streaming platform at Precision Reach, contact Bob Schenck at bob.schenck@precisionreach.com or call/text 847-778-1886

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