Charting A New Course Without Cookies: What is Google’s Plan? What’s Your Plan?

by | Apr 12, 2021


With Google’s plan to eliminate third-party cookie tracking by end of this year, it’s time to begin altering advertising strategies to prepare for what’s next.   Last week, Google took their privacy-first initiative announcing that once the company phases out third-party cookies in 2022, it will not build alternate identifiers to track consumers as they browse the web.

Here at Precision Reach we have been closely monitoring, partnering and even beta testing for this coming change.  It’s one reason why we utilize multiple tech platforms including Google DV360, StackAdapt, Roku OneView, LiveRamp and managed services with Trade Desk, Xandr and others.

Looking forward:

  1. Companies and publishers should embrace the “privacy-first culture”
  2. First party data will be vital
  3. Advertisers will need to adjust their KPIs

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To get more details on our new course without cookies in Agriculture, drop us a line at or call Bob Schenck at 847-778-1886.